Guernsey Estate Agents

Guernsey is the second largest of a small group of Islands called the Channel Islands situated in the English Channel just off the Cherbourg peninsular and approximately 80 miles from the South coast of England.

Guernsey typically enjoys a mild climate, low crime rate and good regular services between both Europe and the UK by both Sea and Air. Its main sources of income are provided by the Tourism, Horticulture and the Finance Industry, the latter being mainly due to our special tax status.

Although British, Guernsey does not form part of the United Kingdom nor does it have a direct relationship with the EEC. It does however enjoy a special relationship defined by Protocol 3 attached to the Treaty of Accession of the United Kingdom to the EEC which could only be changed by unanimous resolution of All member states. Special arrangements also exist to allow free movement of manufactured and agricultural goods between Guernsey and member states. Guernsey has a constitutional right of self government which it has enjoyed since the 13th Century, however arrangements do exist whereby Guernsey laws are approved by the Crown.

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